"SYREN" Episode 2 DLC New Trailer, 17 May

SYREN (aka EPISODE 1: SYREN) from Hammerhead is an intense survival horror virtual reality title that was released in Feb this year on Steam, featuring an underwater labyrinthine facility base that is infested with deadly syrens.

Featuring support for both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Syren tells the tale of a scientist who has build this facility to conduct horrifying experiment on these ‘syrens’, which once dwell in the ruins below. But now, these fiends has gotten loose and you are forced to escape out of the laboratory and evacuate the facility.

Hammerhead is set to release a downloadable content, dubbed “Episode 2”, which serves to expand the content of the game. In this expansion, you play the role of female CIA agent “Manning”, who’s send on this “Operation Anomaly” ,  into the Darwin Station to ascertain what happened to its crew, and to ‘secure the mysterious device known as the Anomaly’.. Episode 2 take place 1 week after the episode 1 of SYREN, and the trailer suggest that this portion of the game will be more action focused.

Set after the events of SYREN, a CIA agent is sent into Darwin Station to find out why there has been loss of contact with the secondary science team and Navy Seals, who were previously sent in to investigate. As you move through the structure, you learn the CIA is less interested in the experiments but more the mysterious ‘Anomaly’ that sits at the heart of the ruins.

In this action packed free roaming shooter, you play as CIA black ops agent, ‘Manning’. Thrust into a world of violence and chaos, you must use your skills, and immense armoury, to contend with the deadly swarm of syrens stalking you and make your way to the mystical Anomaly.

The bonus episode 2 will be available as a free DLC to those who have purchased Episode 1 of SYREN, and will be available on SteamVR for HTC Vive and Oculus, in May 2017.  PlayStation will follow shortly after.

Hammerhead has released a trailer a while ago, pitting the release date to be early May. The title of this new trailer from Hammerhead VR themselves suggest that this game is coming on 17 May 2017. Check out the trailer below. If you find the robot in the trailer familiar, well you might recall it as “Abe”, who debut last year in its own short solo VR experience outing “Abe VR“.