Steam New Release: Far Beyond: A space odyssey

Far Beyond: A space odyssey has been released on Steam, a peaceful space survival/resources management strategy VR title for HTC Vive. In this Room-scale title, you play as the last remaining survivor of your civilization. Your mission is to get on board of the spaceship (named “Genesis”), get onto a planet called “Earth” with only resources for one trip, to deploy the E.D.E.N. project. The project is a demographic bomb that composes of the genomes and matrices of your civilization which will give birth to a new colony.

You are equipped with 2 types of probes (Columbus and Digger Master), which are to deployed to detect, scan and extract resources on other planets. In this game you have to juggle between refueling and recharging the battery, extracting ore and repairing damages as you plan your moves in hyperspace.

This game is on a 15% discount and is made by Mains Digitales.

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