Toy Plane Heroes Gets Comfort Mode

Toy Plane Heroes is getting an update that brings better comfort to the player.

The comfort mode automatically stabilizes your plane so that there is not much rolling/looping involved. You can control your plane with one stick only and basically just use yaw und pitch. The stabilizer will do the rest for you! While this may sound limiting to some of you we made sure that it is still a lot of fun and it makes the game accessible to a lot of new players! 
NOTE: This mode is completely optional! We love the regular mode because of the intense gameplay and we know a lot of other people like it too. There for the default is off. (You get a note at the first start of the game) But if you look in our Steam reviews the only reason for bad reviews right now is pretty much motion sickness. So even with closed Cockpits and Helicopters there are still people who can’t play the game. 
You can activate the comfort mode at anytime with the Y Button or inside the options menu. 
We made a lot of tests with this new mode. In a combination of a closed cockpit and the comfort mode it is pretty easy to avoid motion sickness! 🙂 We had some rare case in which players couldn’t even play our game at all but now can play 30 minutes without feeling sick! 🙂 
Keep in mind that our game will always involve movement and you can of course make you sick if you do a bunch of pitching so it still stays in the intense comfort rating but we are sure that we just made the game a lot more accessible for new players. 
Thanks for all the feedback and we hope that you are going to enjoy the update! 

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