Steam New Release: Nightfall: Eclipse VR

Nightfall: Eclipse VR is created based on Nightfall: Escape. It requires the based game (which is now 50% off) in order to work.

In other words, you have to purchase the Nightfall: Escape, then obtain the upcoming VR DLC in order to play the VR game.

Nightfall: Eclipse VR is a horror title by Zeenoh Inc. , that brings you back to the same mansion from Nightfall: Escape, except that you’ll be doing the exploration from the perspective of Rianne’s crew and in VR. In this DLC you will be able to connect the missing links of the original title, know more about the story, and there’s also a new monster “Tiyanak”, An iconic monster from the Philippine folklore.

It support both Vive and Rift, and requires gamepad or keyboard/mouse to play.

Nightfall: Eclipse VR