Onward VR Adds Community Maps & Other Updates


VR Title “Onward” is getting an update that allow users to create maps, and then let the players vote for their maps. The top voted maps will be added into the game itself.

The developer has also said that the the next update/2nd half will be here on Thursday, with a new map, and a few more things.

In addition, here are the rest of the changlog:

Patch Updates/Fixes (1st half) :

  • Fixed most geometry exploits
  • Skulls for dead players in lobbies
  • Tracer rounds fully surpress players, way more than FMJ or AP rounds
  • Lobby countdown beeps
  • Volumetric smoke grenades
  • Adjusted all weapon firing rates, and recoil (I’d recommend trying out all guns again)
  • Larger penalty for one handed shooting
  • Fixed game crashes while in SteamVR
  • Old magazines are now deleted between rounds
  • Code optimization
  • Victory and Defeat notifications
  • New round/loadout music from composer Rich Douglas

New Weapons/Gear :

  • Ballistic Shield and 552 Commando for Marsoc Specialist ( press the grip button while behind your back, to grab or put away the shield)
  • AK5C for Marsoc Rifleman
  • SKS for Volk Rifleman and Designated Marksman
  • New SV98 model for Volk, created by Daniel Conroy

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