Toy Plane Heroes Gets Comfort Mode

Toy Plane Heroes is getting an update that brings better comfort to the player.

The comfort mode automatically stabilizes your plane so that there is not much rolling/looping involved. You can control your plane with one stick only and basically just use yaw und pitch. The stabilizer will do the

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XCavalypse VR out Now!

The VR version of XCavalypse has been released, according to the announcement. The update also adds bigger environments, exploration (on foot), survival mechanics, more guns and loot, maybe some crafting.

XCavalypse VR is still in Early Access but it is on a 50% discount now. It is a HTC Vive … Read the rest

Steam New Release: Constricting Cubes

Constricting Cubes is a casual puzzle title that supports a huge range of inputs: mouse, gamepad, and motion controller. This game from D.W.S supports both Vive and Rift, and is playable in Seated, Standing and Room-Scale play area.

The premise of this game is to destroy the cubes before they … Read the rest