VR Title “The Bikini of Love” On Steam Greenlight

比基尼之恋 (The bikini of love) is a VR title that’s made by LQVR-Developer from China, and is currently on Steam Greenlight.

In this title, the player play as a ‘gambling god’ or sort. While in a Las Vegas casino, he bumped into a pretty lady in bikini. Apparently she has lost all her money and all she has left is just the bikini she’s wearing. In order to win her heart, well you will have to participate in the gambling games to help her get back the money she has gambled away.

This game is a combination of the gambling genre and love simulation genre. In between the gambling games, you can also purchase items like clothes to give to her so as to improve the relationship. In addition, the girl will displays different expressions and reactions based on the gamer’s action as well.

Currently there’s no video at all,and all we have are just some screenshots. We have no idea what headsets it will support too, and I will personally suggest to approach this title with care.

Steam Greenlight