Danger Goat Teaser Trailer

nDreams VR has just announced that their chaotic cartoon caper “Danger Goat” will be coming to Daydream on November as a launch title.

nDreams’ chaotic cartoon caper Danger Goat is coming to Daydream, Google’s platform for high-quality mobile VR, on November 10th. Danger Goat is an all-new breed of puzzle-platformer, designed as a showcase for the Daydream View headset and controller by combining tactile, dynamic puzzles with intuitive motion controls.

The intergalactic Danger Goat has escaped from the heavily-guarded base of Area 51, and he needs to get back to his spaceship! Hot on his trail are a nefarious band of secret agents, who have deployed an arsenal of missiles, killer robots and shrink rays to stop him. It’s your job to guide Danger Goat to freedom across 28 colourful levels – exploring wild forests, snowy mountains and sunny pastures – and return him to space where he belongs.