“Paddle Up” Receives New Update

VR title “Paddle Up” has got a new update that include improvements like Lobby, ranked games, physics and more. The developer aims to have the full version of the game by late 2016, so hopefully it won’t take long to see this game leaving Early Access.

Here’s the change log:


  • Online matches now support ranking with ELO rating.
  • New lobby system to see who else is playing, invite them, or group chat.
  • New physics for the paddle and table.
  • Customize your paddle outside of the presets.
  • Added support to play to 21 in online matches.
  • Minimized voice chat lag.
  • Leaderboard for ranking top players.
  • Made AI at higher difficulties more prone to failure against good plays. (more work needed here)
  • Added render scale option to graphics menu.
  • Lowered traffic noise in Penthouse level.
  • Added profile button during multiplayer to add player your playing with as a Steam Friend.
  • Integrated with Steam’s view players played with feature. (Steam Menu -> View -> Players)

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