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Toy Plane Heroes Getting Single Player Campaign Update

VR title “Toy Plane Heroes” is getting a major update that adds single player campaign, and other adjustments. The price has been adjusted too.

Hi Pilots! 
this might be our biggest update so far! While we have been focused on the multiplayer part in the last couple of updates we also realized that the player base of vr is currently not big enough to play against other players all the time. Even though you already had the possibility to add bots to the servers, we wanted to make the singeplayer part of the game more appealing. That’s why we’ve added a new campaign mode in which you can take the side of McRed or/and OGreen to play some fun little missions! (If you want to be on the scoreboard: Now is the time to do so! 😀 )
We’ve also added a brand new map and so much more but you will see that inside of the game! 
You might have noticed that we changed the price to 9.99$. While our game was very well received most of the time, some of the players are disappointed that there aren’t other players online all the time. We hope that with the new price point we will get more users but keep in mind that the VR community is still relatively small. (That’s one of the reasons why we’ve also made the singleplayer campaign.) 
We hope that you are going to like our update and can’t wait to see your new scores for the scoreboard!

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