Steam Update for “Unruly Ghouls”


Unruly Ghouls for HTC Vive has been updated with a bug fixes and more features. Here’s the change log and a video depicting the changes.

Feature Additions: 

  • New Feature: Vacuums can now suck up spectral orb power ups 
  • New Feature: Cloaked ghouls now have skulls that can still be damaged. When a ghoul cloaks, a skull is still visible and can be hit, this lets you have a greater challenge when a ghoul is cloaked but you still have a way to damage it.

Tweaks and balance changes: 

  • Increased Common Power Up Value from 1 to 2 and increased Rare Power Up from 3 to 4, this will grant uber and repair power ups more often. 
  • Moved side wards back and inward a bit, this helps from cheap ghosts attack when they attack too close to the side wards giving the player more time to react 
  • Added a satisfying “pop” sound when pulling in a power up or a ghoul. 
    Sped up vacuum speed of ghouls overall so they are always sucked up faster 
  • Tweaked Orb Trail effect after shooting it or sucking it up with the vacuum to be more like a trail 
  • Adjusted balance on waves 11-15

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed Heart HUD meshes blocking vacuum traces on ghouls and orbs 
  • Fixed bug where purple cloaker ghost would not attack if woke up from being stunned in some cases

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