Update 0.3743 For “Supa Kila Monsta Hunta”

Supa Kila Monsta Hunta receives a new update: Trigger Happy Fuse Forever.

In this update, the game will perform better due to optimization, reduced download size, more compressed sounds and other enhancement.

Here’s the change log:


  • loading level changes, now transforms temple to front of current labyrinth 
  • you can now start bomb with bullets, magic and other flaming items 


  • no new options 


  • make it react to environment, now it does in some way but most of the time opposite than what is desired 


  • added “fire shield” – makes a ring of fire 
  • added “lightning shield” – lightning spirals around 
  • added “bouncer shield” – seven fireballs burst 
  • added “frost vertigo something”

None of these have proper names yet, open to suggestions[/b] 

Don’t forget you can chain attacks together. Also mixing magic with projectiles can be quite fun. 

Weapon changes: 

  • slight modifications to damage parameters 


  • all 8 levels (removed Pluto) are playable 


  • they never were smart, but right now I think they are even more stupider than ever. 

    Known issues 

  • teleporting in new levels can still accidentaly put player inside walls, you need to literally walk out of wall, or restart mission, working on this, changes will come as geometry for levels will be finished 
  • when touching an item in backpack can explode 

    check video for few magic combos, action starts 6min-ish 

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