VR Steam Greenlight: 武魂传VR

武魂传VR is a new VR  action adventure citle that is currently up on Steam Greenlight planned for the HTC Vive.

In this title, the player play as the successor of hidden mitama clan, who seek revenge at a rival clan after they have destroyed the mitami clan as well as killing his father. Supposingly you’ll be training with your fellow female clan member. Along the way, there are also other clans which will get involves in the story, and it seems there will be other mysteries to uncover as well.

This game features switchable weapon on the right motion controller: a long sword and a whip. You can hold down the trigger button to store the attack that will increase its power, but do take note not to get hit by the enemies.

The other motion controller is the shield that can absorb blue recover orbs and yellow energy orbs, that allows the player to unleash a beam of attack from the shield when the trigger is pressed.

This title is under development by i-Craftsmen. There is a gameplay video here. At the moment there is no other information, including the release date.

Steam Greenlight