Steam New Release: Lethal VR

Lethal VR has been released by Three Fields Entertainment. It is a gun training simulation game build for the HTC Vive, that puts you into the shoes of an FBI recruit as you are train in various weapons simulation exercises. Each simulation is comprised of five short challenges featuring a variety of small weapons.

There are 30 different challenges spread across 5 tiers of weapons simulation.

Lethal VR features various challenges like knife throw, sharpshooter, rapid fire and more. Your performance will be ranked with the highest rank name as “Lethal”. It also supports local leaderboard.

This title includes the following weapons:

  • Handgun 
  • Throwing Knife 
  • Double Handgun 
  • Double Throwing Knife 
  • Handgun and Knife 
  • SMG Burst Fire 
  • SMG Full Auto 
  • Double SMG Burst Fire 
  • Double SMG Full Auto 
  • SMG and Knife

Lethal VR is out now with a 20% off.