Steam Update for “ALICE VR”

ALICE VR has just received a new update on Steam that mainly fixes the game issues and removal of game bugs.

  • Fixed the occasional bug when exiting the buggy could place you under the ground (but only waist down – we’re not monsters, we would never try to bury you alive, intentionally or otherwise);
  • Fixed the issue with strafing in HMD;
  • Fixed the occasional issue during the hallucination right after the Greenhouse level;
  • Fixed the occasional issue with saving the game on the desert (right after the planetarium);
  • Fixed the issue in the planetarium puzzle, which allowed gamers to acquire infinite amount of graphene. That was madness, Hatter’s levels of it;
  • Sound tweaks in the first City level;
  • Sound tweaks in the second City level;;
  • Fixed the issue in the Greenhouse which kept the door open all the time. That wasn’t right, the Greenhouse closes at 6pm;
  • Gameplay tweaks during the hallucination on the desert.

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