Tricol Announces “Counter Fight”

Tricol is developing a VR title “Counter Fight”, a job simulation title that puts you in the shoes of a Japanese chef in a Japanese food outlet.

Counter Fight is inspired by the HTC Vive motion controller looking similar to the Noodle Strainer (an item which is used to cook noodle in Japan and some Asia countries), and this is what pushes the development of the title.

In Counter fight, the player will get to try out various experiences, such as cooking noodles, preparing dumpings or pouring the beer into the glass for the patrons. There are also other interactive elements, such as throwing items at your customers or using item boost. At times there may be robber, in which case you will have to throw item to attack him to make him flee.

Counter Fight is scheduled for release on Steam platform on November (which is this month). While the trailer is in Japanese, they have stated that the game text will be in both Japanese and English.