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Update 1.0.4 for “Redout”

Reddout is getting a patch 1.0.4, which changes many miscellaneous things for the title.

  • Fixed the horrific Augmented Propeller regression bug. This was such a destroying event that it ended up in the game lore! Now you can go back to race faster than ever!
  • Anti-cheating measures have been integrated into the deepest code of the game, now you can safely play in multiplayer. And if you still lose, it’s your fault 🙂
  • Lore! Discover the history of each team, individual ships powerups, world and track in the Redout world!
  • Added 20+ new ship colors as unlockable items: play more, get more, pimp yo ride 😉
  • TRADING CARDS NOW AVAILABLE! (Well, ready. Coming as soon as Valve hits the big green button!)


  • Now ship colors have names: enjoy your Torino GT9 Stradale or the Halloween special “Pumpkin Night”
  • Lunare: increased overall speed, slightly better energy recharge, slightly less life
  • ESA-AGR: increased overall speed, greatly improved turbo boost power, better energy recharge
  • Conqueror: slightly increased overall speed, slightly increased turbo power
  • Fixed Boss portals positions in Cairo, now more fair


  • Enabled positional head tracking in VR mode
  • Multiresolution rendering enabled for VR users (huge performance increase)
  • Added more launch options from the steam app (Oculus, Vive, OSVR, Desktop). If you have an Oculus, running the game via the Oculus SDK brings you more than a 20% fps increase.
  • Vive: better world scale, especially in the cockpit view
  • Fixed a crash happening in VR when changing advanced options after a race
  • Fixed crash starting a race in VR
  • General performance improvements in VR, especially on Nvidia GPUs
  • Turned off portals in VR, everyone hated them including ourselves. Sorry for those headaches.
  • Fixed Kinetic Lines in VR


  • More sandstorms in Cairo Calima!


  • Soundtrack low-end frequencies got a fancier balance


  • Trained the AI to not die like a blindfolded drunk driver in Volcano Hell
  • Online: fixed a bug preventing the players to go back to the lobby after host gets eliminated
  • Fixed Photo Finish achievement
  • For some reason the HUD in third person camera was disappearing for the Lunare and the ESA-AGR. Now it stays in place
  • You couldn’t rotate your ship in the garage, now you can and you should, those new colors aren’t gonna observe by themselves
  • Chinese localization is now working properly
  • Fixed some other localization issues. A lot of them
  • VRWorks library updated
  • Update to Unreal Engine 4.13
  • Update to FMod 1.08.14
  • Turned off the “Use Stencil for LOD Dither Fading” in Project Settings/Rendering. No idea what this means, but apparently was important at the time and sounds like fun. It was more like a reminder to ourselves, but if you got this far in reading the changelog, you deserve something more
  • Added some more people into the credits. That’s because we scaled up QA and musicians, recently. And those guys are amazing!


  • STEAM controller support, official layout


  • Portals in Boss Modes are jet black on Oculus. If this happens launch the game in non-vr mode, go to settings and set the portals quality to low. Restart the game in VR and they should work.

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