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“Knee Deep” Re-released as a VR game

Knee Deep is an investigation title (from Prologue Games) where you play as 3 distinctive different characters, who are to investigate a mystery death of a washed-up actor. Apparently this actor has hung himself on location, as the spotlight is on backwater Florida town of Cypress Knee.

This is a title for play only on traditional screen previously, but it has now received an update that adds VR feature to the game! To celebrate the update, the game is having a 50% temporarily.

The shadowy three-act swamp noir adventure Knee Deep invites you to get up close and personal in the virtual reality experience! 

Today, the game launches on Steam VR (with a 50 percent discount for new players!). 

Now’s your chance to experience the indie theatrical adventure from Prologue Games as never before. Take in every detail of this cavernous stage as you take control of the camera to observe sets assemble and actors waiting patiently for their next cue. The best way to enjoy the theater is to be there and, with this new launch, you can take your place on stage next to Romana Teague, Jack Bellet, and K.C. Gaddis as they scramble to uncover this swampland conspiracy. Don’t forget to take your time, soak in the ambiance, and enjoy being in the middle of the best sets and props off-off-off Broadway! 

We’ve revisited the entire game to prepare the best VR experience possible. You may notice some differences in presentation from the standalone game, but all storylines are still available for you to uncover.

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