“Munch VR” Announced, Coming 2017

A new game “Munch” has been announced by Mostly Harmless Games.

Munch is a title where you controls a small fish in the ocean. What you are to do here is to swim and devour the fishes that are smaller than you. The fishes you eat will cause your fish to grow bigger, giving you more room to eat more fishes. On the other hand, this also means you will have to dodge and swim away from the bigger fishes who has the same objective as you!


This is Alex. I’m the CEO of Mostly Harmless Games. Me and my four colleagues are making this game, and it’s my pleasure to be announcing it to the world.

The game is currently in early production, meaning there’s a lot more content and many changes to come before the game is released.

Now, we want to work as close as possible to our community and we would love it if you stuck around during our development process. You can Follow and Wishlist the game to stay updated on our progress 🙂

More announcements regarding test groups and demos and stuff will come very soon! Until then, take care <3

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