Steam New Release: Lonelyland VR

Sandbox survival game “Lonelyland VR” is the latest VR title to launch on Steam. In this title, aliens has overthrown humans’ dominance on Earth through the manipulation of plants. For survival sake, you will have to collect, scavenge, hunt while you fight the aliens.

This title features teleportation for movement. There’s a variety of weapons, such as pistol, shotgun, rifle, mp5, revolver and more. Lonelyland VR also has a weather, time and season system too, which will of course affect the gameplay in some way.

As a survival title, you will have to manufacture items from items you discover while you explore, or even cook meals using food like starch, egg, sugar, vegetable etc. Various terrain influences the player’s attributes too. There are snow land, city, desert, forest in the game, just to name a few.

Lonelyland VR is also not a VR exclusive title. You can also use mouse and traditional monitor to play this as well.

LonelyVR is developed by Catbox and supports HTC Vive. It require only seated play area.

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