“Story of the Star Fragments: One Piece Edition” Announced for Playstation VR

“Story of the Star Fragments: One Piece Edition” (unofficial translation) has been announced for Playstation VR. This ‘communication mysterious adventure’ title is under development by ForgeVision Inc, and publish by Mediascape Co. Ltd. Currently it is only schedule for release in Japan in Early 2017.

In this title, a girl has been trapped without the star fragment that has broke and lost its power, making her escape nearly impossible. There’s a singular point in the star that can ‘interfere’ with another world via the overlap of the coordinate axes. The player who’s standing at this singularity is able to dive into the parallel world to communicate and work together with the girl to solve mysteries that will allow the star to regain its power for her escape.


The concept art of the girl

Planner/Game & Level Design: Kazami Mikaze
Development: Forge Vision
Character Design: Tamaka Kagi
Music: Hiroyuki Mizuno
Concept Art: Irohamu
Character Modeller: Hinodichi
Voice: Abe Rie
Voice Actor Company: Artsvision Co. Ltd
Publisher: MediaScape Co.LTD