“Subject 264” Coming May 2017

As the title suggest, Subject 264, a horror puzzle VR title, is scheduled for release in May next year on Steam. It will support both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift when it comes out.

Subject 264 is an exploration and puzzle game built from the ground up for Virtual Reality (VR). It fully use roomscale with motion controllers and let you move with a pad or teleportation.

You wake up in a room with a total black out, a lot of creepy noises can be heard, you want to leave but this place doesn’t want to let you go. Your only chance to escape will be to remember your past and to overcome any obstacles placed on your paths.

You have to crouch to look under objects, open drawers, grab objects on the floor… In this game you face different types of puzzles, some puzzles will be easy, others harder and you will need to find all the solutions in the world around you.

Nothing is left to chance, we built this world to make you feel lost and helpless. Are you smart enough to escape ?

This is a total of 5 hours of gameplay that await you in a cold and scary world.

Check out the steam page for the game description, video and screenshots.

Steam Page