Steam new Release: Craft Keep VR

Craft Keep VR, an alchemist-based crafting title has been released on Steam for VR players. It will stay in Early Access for approximately 4 to 6 months.

In this title, the player assumes the role of a blacksmith who crafts items (such as powerful swords) for local adventurers to slay those dragons.

Craft Keep VR isn’t just about crafting blades, because the player will also be mixing chemicals as well. As a part-alchemist, the player will also be using the cauldron to create potent concoctions by mixing herbs, to create items like health potions or charge up enchantment stones. The enchantment stones can then be used to enhanced existing crafted weapons to grant them special abilities like fire and ice.

Sometime, the local adventurers will request you to repair their weapons. The player can do so by using the forge, anvil and hammer.

Craft Keep utilizes HTC Vive’s motion controller to play. While it is not confirmed yet,the developer Arvydas Zemaitis is hoping to integrate non-VR for local multiplayer, where the non-VR player can play using mouse and keyboard.

Craft Keep VR is published by Excalibur Games, and requires standing/room-scale play area.