Steam New Release: Sorcerers of Kinetics

Sorcerers of Kinetics is the latest VR title to be launched on HTC Vive. It is an open world VR MMO game from Jauda Labs, whereby the player play as a mage who is capable of wielding various spells to fight against enemies for golds to purchase weapons or skills, and experience points for leveling up. Level up enable improvement to the stats of the player’s avatar, such as health point.

The player can wield spells of different classes, such as healing spells, shields, attack spells (near and far range) and also super spells. The skill systems are based on 5 element types too: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Arcane.

Sorcerers of Kinetics uses 2 types of movement methods: Teleportation and touchpad walking, with switchable left and right handed mode. It also features a leaderboard.

This game requires a standing/room-scale play area.

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