Steam New Release:Castle Must Be Mine

Castle Must Be Mine is a third person defense tower title for the HTC Vive. It is going to be in Early Access for 6 to 10 months as estimated by the developer “The Middle Gray”, a two-men team.

In this game, the player has to build and upgrade towers that attacks the enemies that are making their way to the castle via set paths. The towers are to be placed along the path where the enemies walk, and these buildings will automatically attack when the enemies are within range. The objective is to make sure these towers are able to exterminate the enemies before they reach the castle.

In addition, the player can also interfere directly at the battlefield, such as grabbing and tossing the fireball at the enemies.

Each towers has their own characteristics. For example, the crossbow tower will fire a consistence rate of arrows at a singular target, while the cannon fires cannonball at a spot, inflicting a small amount of damage to the enemies within range. It is effective against a large, cluster enemies.

At the current stage, there are 5 maps with over 10 different enemies, and 2 skills which the player can use. The developer aims to have 10 different maps in the end, with 1 infinite endless map. They are also hoping to increase the content with more skills, enemies, items and other features.

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