Oculus Rift: November Week 2 Release

Here’s the newest titles for Oculus Rift.

Knee Deep


When a washed-up actor hangs himself on location, a spotlight is cast on the backwater Florida town of Cypress Knee. Your screen becomes a stage on which you investigate this mysterious suicide as three distinct characters: cheeky blogger Romana Teague, down-and-out local reporter Jack Bellet, and cynical private investigator K.C. Gaddis. Experience a magical reality where characters are transported among scenes, set pieces moved into place, and music wafts from the orchestra pit. Knee Deep is about characters, storytelling, and the melodrama of swampland Florida.

Publisher: Prologue Games
Web Site: http://kneedeepgame.com/
Release Date: 8 November 2016

Rapid Fire: a brief history of flight


This experience guides viewers on a 6-minute journey through the history of aviation — an airshow one could never see in real life. Witness the Wright Flyer’s first leap, dodge bullets from a WWI fighter, get buzzed by the leading-edge F22 Raptor fighter jet, and be nearly engulfed by the world’s largest plane! We recommend that you stand during this experience. Please let us know at contact@studiotranscendent.com if you encounter any problems running the application.

Publisher: Studio Transcendent
Web Site: http://studiotranscendent.com/
Release Date: 10 November 2016



Explore the Titanic or the Acropolis of Athens in Virtual Reality! ____ “Love it! Please more content. This is such an amazing way to learn” “Awesome educational app” “I’m a huge fan of educational apps and this one hits the mark!” ____ Unimersiv is the largest platform for VR educational experiences. Our app includes multiple field trips that will let you learn using Virtual Reality. We will publish more and more educational experiences on this app, stay tuned! We encourage you to join our newsletter to receive an alert when a new experience is available on Unimersiv.

Publisher: Unimersiv
Web Site: https://unimersiv.com/
Release Date: 8 November 2016



Have you ever dreamed of having rocket launchers for arms and laser blasters for eyes while delicious tacos rain down on you? Well, your dream is now a reality. Uh, virtual reality. FEATURING TWO GAME MODES: TIME ATTACK – Eat as many tacos as you can in 60 seconds; there are no bombs so no need to worry. SURVIVAL – Eat as many tacos as you can while tacos and bombs rain down on you. Destroy the bombs using your rocket launchers or laser blasters to survive. Do you have what it takes to become the taco-eating* champion of the universe? * Please observe proper taco-eating etiquette at all times.

Publisher: KLNK
Web Site: http://klnk.co/tacoface
Release Date: 9 November 2016

Nightfall: Eclipse


Overview: Are you ready for the ultimate VR horror experience? Nightfall: Eclipse is a game that brings you back to the same mansion from Nightfall: Escape but this time, you get to explore it with a new crew and with full VR support! Synopsys: Nightfall: Eclipse allows you to experience the horrors surrounding the disappearance of a news crew who once tried to explore the haunted mansion. This crew is one of the few casualties that were investigated by Ara Cruz in Nightfall: Escape. Know the true story, connect the missing links from the original game and prepare to meet an iconic creature face to face. Gather up your courage for this VR experience that will put you through scares and challenges which promises to be both an intense and satisfying game. Features: Experience the horror from the perspective of Rianne’s crew Enter the Tiyanak. An iconic monster from the Philippine folklore Astounding survival horror experience Complete VR support that takes horror to the next level

Publisher: Zeenoh Inc.
Web Site: http://www.zeenoh.com/
Release Date: 9 November 2016