“Cradle of Link” VR on Steam Greenlight

Horror VR work “Cradle of Link” is up on Steam Greenlight.

It is an adventure title that is developed for the HTC Vive, featuring dynamic scenes fighting scary creatures and solving puzzles. You will get to wield weapons like guns, mallets, maces, sticks and more, and you can even transfer your minds between all the deads and infecteds too. 

Cradle of Link is scheduled for release in early 2017. You can head to Steam Greenlight to check out a gameplay video and some screenshots.

Hunting town of North County. About twelve months ago began to spread infection is unknown, rapidly emptying the city. Most of the residents died painfully, forever perpetuating the old streets with their bodies disfigured monuments like the triumph of the plague. 
There were those who did not become infected, and fled the city. They have taken the value of dead or confiscated still alive. These people, spreading to the neighboring towns of the county, engaged in theft and robberies. Not all of them were criminals, but despair did their job. 
News of the incident spread rapidly and overgrown with fantastic details, always giving the topic of conversation in drinking establishments to men and women on the markets. But, like all the events of that time for a difficult life, a strange epidemic began to leave the thoughts of the people, being replaced by the pressing problems. 
The boundaries of the city became a quarantine area, no one dared to get to their limits. Dense fog and flocks of wild animals were an additional obstacle for rare fools. 

Steam Greenlight