HTC Vive

Tataite Kabutte VR Announced!

According to Famitsu, a new Japanese VR title “Tataite Kabutte VR” has been announced!

It will be shown as demo with more details at the upcoming “dotFes 2016 Shibuya” event in Japan on 20th November 2016 this year.

“Tataite Kabutte Jankenoan” translates to “Strike Shield Rock Paper Scissors”, which is a traditional kid game in Japan. In this game, 2 players are to face each other, with 2 striking objects (typically a toy hammer) and a “helmet” (typically a pail) It plays with a rock, paper and scissors game, where the loser has to quickly put up the “helmet” to cover his head, while the winner has to at the same time, quickly pick up the striking item to hit the loser’s head before he or she covers it with the “helmet”.

In this VR game, it seems there is a dark fantasy setting to it. Players are dressed up as knights in armor suits, but the items remain the same; you will be attacking with hammer, and shielding with pail. Needless to say it will have online PvP multiplayer.

The title is currently under development by Japanese company Kayac and will be coming to HTC Vive.