Debut Preview Video of “IronWolf VR”

IronWolf VR has just been announced by Ionized Studios, with a debut preview video that showcase the locomotion of this title.

This game is a room-scale multiplayer submarine naval battle title. It has been specially designed with a play area of 2m by 1.5m. Unlike many other VR titles, there is no blatant teleportation. Each compartment in the submarine can be accessible within the mini room scale space, and movement between compartments are done through physical controls, like operating a door or pulling open a hatch.

IronWolf VR also contains realistic haptics and 3D audio. It features both local and online cooperative multiplayer, with the non-VR player controlling the submarine via monitor/keyboard/mouse.

As for the gameplay, you will be battling enemy planes with the flak gun and assault ships with the deck gun. You will also get to stealthily hunt enemy convoys, or even duel with enemy frigates and destroyers.

Check out the video below. No date has been formally announced yet.