Steam New Release: Keep Watching VR

Keep Watching VR is the latest horror game to arrive on the Steam store for VR players. In this title, well, your goal is to escape before the abandoned building before the killer clowns get to you. Currently this title supports only the HTC Vive.

This game is played similar to the traditional “Daruma Fell Over” kids game. In that game, a player (curator) has his back turned towards the other participants, who will be at the other side of the play field. The goal of the participants is to touch the curator, but they can only move when the player has his back facing the participants. When the curator turns to faces the participants, they will have to freeze and hold their position. If the player caught a participant moving, the participant is send back to the starting point.

In this title, the killer clowns assume the role of the participants, while the player assumes the role of the ‘curator’. The player has to search the map, find the key and escape. At the same time, the killer clowns will be stalking and running after you too, and to prevent them from touching you, well you will have to look at them to freeze them to stop them from moving. Once you take your eyes off them, they will start to chase you down again.

This title is now in Early Access, and is due to be a full game by Q1 2017. There’s a 10% discount to it as a launch special. It requires a standing play area, and this game is under development by NinjaDuck Games.

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