Gear VR: November Week 2 Release

Here are the new released games for the Gear VR.

That Dragon, Cancer: I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good, from Numinous Games


An immersive, narrative experience that showcases a scene from the full version of That Dragon, Cancer. “Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good” retells a pivotal moment in the Green’s journey where they are given the news that Joel is terminal. “This is where we go to remember our son Joel, up through here along this path. We want to show you who he was, and how his life changed us. Can we walk here together for a while?” A videogame developer’s love letter to his son; a memorial to Joel Green; an interactive tribute to the loved ones of over 200 of our Kickstarter backers. Can you find hope in the face of death?

Publisher: Numinous Games
Web Site:
Release Date: 9 November 2016