“Raw Data” To Get Optimization Update in v0.5 Patch

Survios has just announced that the upcoming v0.5 update for the title is going to be the last big update of 2016. They said that this update is going to be all about optimization: making sure the game run seamlessly, fixing bugs, better performances, polishing the game play in this update, while new contents will be pushed back.

Hi everyone! James here with a quick update on the state of Raw Data.

Thank you everyone in the Raw Data community for making this game the best it can possibly be! We started this journey together because we’re driven to create a VR game that strikes every sci-fi chord in the spectrum and empowers players to feel like a total badass. I think we are well on our way to accomplishing this mission together.

We have a ton of updates and expansions planned for Raw Data in both the near and far future, and we cannot wait to share the progress with you. The Raw Data universe has expanded a ton since its inception and, due to your dedication and passion, we have been able to put even more resources into bringing this game to life. Even in its current Early Access state, our work is far from complete, and we will not rest until we accomplish what we have set out to do as a team and as a community.

Speaking of updates: that’s what we’re here to talk about. With the cadence we’ve been keeping since Raw Data’s Early Access launch in mid-July, you may be expecting another sizable content update, v0.5, to drop soon. However–with the exception of hotfixes–we’ve realized it is going to be a bit of a longer wait before we push the next chunk of missions and features.

This is for a good reason.

Although the upcoming v0.5 release is the last big update of 2016, it’s going to have a different focus than its predecessors. Previous updates largely hinged on massive content pushes bookended by community bug reporting and hotfixes. But the message we’ve been hearing throughout these past six months is that the game needs to play seamlessly. We hear you loud and clear. Getting Raw Data to play smooth as butter and meet performance expectations has become our top priority for the remainder of the year.

New content is amazing–and believe us, we still have a ton in store!–but first and foremost, we want Raw Data to be a high-quality VR gaming experience for everyone, no matter what your setup, room scale, hardware specs, hero choice, playstyle…the list goes on. As a result, Update v0.5 is all about Raw Data’s performance, stability, balance, and polish. We are also using this opportunity to get the music and narrative elements (yay, more Simon!) back up to speed with the rest of the game.

We know we say it a lot, but your ongoing feedback and communication about Raw Data is truly invaluable to us; you’ve directly influenced numerous in-game features, brainstormed new ideas, devised novel solutions to common issues, and helped us tweak existing/planned features to ensure your needs are addressed. There are still more new missions, environment themes, enemy types, game mechanics, weapon types, special abilities, and deadly defenses yet to come (and yes, another playable hero who has been asked about a lot )–and we can’t wait to add them in–but right now, it’s all about improving the core of Raw Data and defining an infinitely enjoyable, massively replayable gameplay experience every time you slip on that HMD.

We sincerely thank you for your continued patience and support as we build Raw Data into the ultimate immersive VR combat experience. Your passionate contributions are what make this project a joy for us to work on, every single day.

We’ll see you back in Eden soon!

Signing off,

James & the Raw Data team