Steam New Release: Overkill VR

Overkill VR, a brand new VR shooter based title, is due to come out on Steam very soon, but you can already pre-purchase the game now on Steam.

Featuring over 50 levels and a wide variety of customizable guns (machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and other futuristic firearms), this game also features a cover-system game mechanics that will gives you a 40+ hours of deadly fun.

This title is still in early access, and Starloop Studios (developer) said that they have 5 big updates planned, with 6-7 months of early access timeframe.

The player plays the role of the humanity leader, who is to fight against the ever-oppressing Faction that demands everyone to follow and obey their rule. You have to lead the Resistance to battle against the evil Faction forces and their killing machines.

This game also features a huge selection of battle fields, like the hot deserts, abandoned cities and industrial complexes. Threats also comes in various forms, from the usual canon fodders, to heavy assault squads and snipers, not to mention the robots and mechanical horrors as epic boss battles.

Overkill supports the HTC Vive with room scale/standing play area. It is published by Game Troopers.

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