“BladeShield VR” To Release on 19 November

BladeShield is scheduled for release on Steam on 19 November 2016. It will support the HTC Vive when it launch.

BladeShield is a title where you attempt to survive as long as you can. You have a plasma shield and sword, which you can switch between with the click of a button. The light sword can be charge up by blocking incoming laser bolts, and when fully charged, you can unleash an EMP blast at the robotic enemies.

The enemy bots come in various types: sawbots, blaster bots, jump bots and even mega turrents. You can fight with any weapon set up you desire, either its dual wielding swords, a combination of sword and shield, or you can go full defense mode with both shields.

This title features a leaderboard as well. BladeShield is developed by Rank17 and Silicon Storm. A room-scale set up is needed in this title.

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