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Boogeyman 2 Announced, Game Trailer

Barry McCabe has released a teaser trailer to announce “Boogeyman 2”, the sequel to “Boogeyman” that was launched last year.

Boogeyman 2 is slated to be released on Steam and Oculus Store, and full Oculus Rift support has been confirmed. It will launch at $7.99 with day one launch discount.

Boogeyman 2 trailer that it will features the same core premises: you will be fending off the Boogeyman from your bed room during nightfall. The player play as a girl alone in her room, being waken up by her doll. The doll warns her of a dangerous monster, but it seems like a dream that becomes increasingly real as inhumanlylong fingernails begin to creeparound the closet door.

The doll suggest to grab a flashlight, and you did. Now you are to watch and get ready to defend against the boogeyman. And you are to survive 8 nights of terror with plenty of new surprises and distractions not found in the first title.

The Boogeyman has been re-designed to look more sinister than ever. The developer is hoping to launch it in December, but it will depend whether the game is bug free by then.

Boogeyman 2 is currently on Steam Greenlight.

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