Steam New Release: Salvaged

Salvaged has just been added to Steam and also released at the same time, as an Early Access title!

In this game, you play as Alex Pieterson, a commander of the Salvage ship Thaddeus. You lead a team of harden agents in this sci-fi strategy title as you search for salvage while battle against alien forces.

Penned by Daniel Hunter- Dowsing, Salvaged features an original story-focused campaign mode, with 20 levels that is said to last between 8 to 15 hours. Salvaged features fully customisable skills, weapons and armor, allowing you to improve you and your team of salvagers for the next battle.

This title is also playable without a VR headset, but playing with one will make the game more immersive. You take command of your alien hunters with real-time combat mechanics that forces you to think on your feet.

Salvagd is expected to be in Early Access for 6 months at the maximum, and currently support Oculus Rift and gamepad. HTC Vive support will come in the future, along with other inclusions:, according to its developer “Opposable Games“.

  • Incorporate post-campaign procedural missions
  • Include support for the HTC Vive. Salvaged was developed first for Oculus Rift, so we’re still adjusting Vive performance.
  • Take feedback from players on balancing, specifically difficulty levels, and adjust the game accordingly.
  • Add tablet control method for the non-VR play method
  • Optimise the performance and graphics for lower / higher end PCs
  • Fix any bugs as they are found

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