“White Day: Swan Song” Game Details

Additional information regarding Roi Games‘ upcoming White Day: Swan Song has emerged from the demo at G-STAR 2016, which take place in South Korea, Busan.

In this title, the story take place in the middle of the night at Yeondu High School, where 5 middle-high students has died under mystery circumstances. A creepy rumor has start to emerge and circulate from these death cases: a person will die if he hears a certain song and the crying sound of the white swan. With the help of the NPC, the player has to face the fear of the darkness as they peels off the layers of unknowns for the truth.

The game starts with a nightmare, as the main character wakes up in the class room. It is already night time, and at this moment, a girl will appear to introduce the basic game control to the player. The game uses a slow walking locomotion, the left analog for walking and the right analog for viewing.

The player has to search for clue in the room, and link them up together to progress the story. The entire demo at G-STAR lasted about 5 minutes, and the game’s background music in combination with the sound effect help enhances the game experience.

It is said that this title will be launch in Late 2016/Early 2017 in Korea exclusively on the Sony Playstation VR, and if the sales is good, it will be releasing in other parts of Asia.