MGame Showcase & Reveal 3 VR Titles

Korea game studio “MGame” has 3 titles on show at G-STAR 2016 Busan trade show for VR , and 2 AR titles.

Catchmon is an AR title that’s described by many as the Korean version of Pokemon Go. You can capture monsters, grow them and put them into battle. There are also team battle where you and your friends can battle boss-level creature. Another AR title shown is “Soul Saver AR”, an Augmented reality title from the Soul Saver series that includes the online desktop version “Soul Saver Online“.

Princess Maker VR is based on the Princess Maker series, which is schedule for release on PC in 2017. Gamer plays the role of a father, who interact with his daughter in VR. You can choose the outfit, hairstyle, for example, and also pet on her head as encouragement. The promotional material includes an artwork of a girl wearing a PSVR headset, which is a major hint that it will be coming to PSVR too.

“Space Adventure VR” (unofficial title) is a title that sends the player to a solo mission in the outer space on a planet. This sparks the start of a magical space adventure. In “Gamble VR” (unofficial title), player can play various gambling games in the virtual world. There are various accessories like vending machine, poker and more.