Steam New Release: FIRMA

Space flight arcade title “FIRMA” has just been released on Steam for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift! In this title, you pilot of a tiny, fast yet highly manoeuvrable lander craft across the Moon and Mars where you have begun working as a courier, but these places are not as safe as you may have thought. Apparently you have to deliver your supplies to scientific bases safely while dealing with the threats in the way.

The game is set in 2118. FIRMA is an major corporation that controls the space exploration industry and some others as well. You are a courier for Trans Luna Logistics, as you seek to leave your life on the Moon for a promotion with FIRMA on Mars.

It is a cock-pit based title where you have free range of your movement via the game pad control. You can pilot your craft around as you seek to complete your missions as you destroy the enemy crafts along the way.

FIRMA is developed by Think Heavy Ltd.

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