Oculus Touch Launch Library in Japan

Oculus held a VR experience event “Game Day” in Japan on November 17, which was a couple of days ago.

At the Game Day event, Mr. Jason Hortmann of Oculus’s Head of Publishing discusses about the future business development of his company, as well as the future of VR.

Similar to the Oculus Connect 3 that was held in October, the Oculus executives talks about the possibility of VR becoming a platform of the new era.

Among the Oculus Touch titles, 6 titles from 5 Japanese VR development studios were announced:

Here are the Oculus Touch launch library

Enigma Sphere (yomune.co)


Fly to KUMA MAKER (Colopl)

Dig 4 Destruction (Colopl)


Dead Hungry (Q-Games)


Pro Fishing Challenge VR (Opus)

PLANNES  (Tricol)