VR Agent 006 Coming to SteamVR on December 2016

VR Agent 006 (under development by jerei) is coming to SteamVR for HTC Vive in December 2016, as shown on its new steam page. It is a shooting adventure title that entails the adventure of S-level special agent 006. In this game, VR world is an alternate world which is trying to invade and enter the real world. Special agents from all over the real world has been dispatched to sneak into the VR world to gain intel, but they were captured. Now you play as a S-level special agent 006 who is entrusted with the mission to rescue them.

VR Agent 006 features gunfight, shield to block incoming bullets (it will eventually gets broken down), puzzle solving and knife throwing functionality. It features a 5 levels story mode and an endless mode. According to the description, there are 6 types of monsters with different capabilities and appearances.

VR Agent 006 will be released as an Early Access title this December, but will stay in that status for a month. For now you can add it to your wish list and view more media on the Steam Page.

Steam Page