Appnori Showcases “Ping-Pong Kings VR”, “Baseball Kings VR” at G-STAR 2016


Appnori has brought along 2 playable VR demos: “Ping-Pong Kings VR” and “Baseball Kings VR” to be showcased at G-STAR 2016, which is being held in Busan (Korea) from November 17th.

As the name implies, these 2 titles allow you to play ping pong and basement inside virtual reality.

Both titles were showcased by HTC Vive (the official site confirms Baseball Kings VR for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR). Ping-Pong Kings VR can be played against a CPU, but you can also compete with other players online as well. As for the Baseball Kings VR, you can swing your bat against the CPU, but online is not confirmed for this title.

Appnori is said to show interest in developing more VR sports titles in the future.

Check out the photos of the demo at G-STAR 2016 over at rbbtoday link here

you can check out the off-screen gameplay videos of the 2 VR titles that were taken at another event.

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