HoloBall Updated With Version 1.9 Patch

HoloBall has just received a version 1.9 update that improves the game in various subtle ways, fixes and balancing tweaks:

* Added: Enemy ‘Charge Shot’
* Added Render Scale to settings
* Added “Trigger to Serve”
* Added Tractor Beam (press trigger when you ‘own’ the ball)
* Added: Arcade Mode
* Added: RTS-style camera controls to Spectator Cams using game pad

* Uodated: Better Performance
* Updated: Switched from Daily leaderboard to Weekly
* Updated: Rebalanced all game modes for smoother difficulty curve
* Updated: Easy mode is now 3 points / round

* Fixed: Multiple achievements not being awarded
* Fixed: Serve exploit while ball is spawning or when double-hitting ball.
* Fixed: TimePenalty not reset between rounds
* Fixed: ScoreGui not showing after final round
* Fixed: Ultimate Shutout Achievement not working
* Fixed: AI stats don’t reset when restarting match

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