“How We Soar” for PSVR Releasing On 29 Nov, $19.99!

Penny Black Studios has just announced that their VR title “How We Soar” has just gone gold and is ready for release! This adventure/action title is exclusive to Playstation VR.

In How We Soar allows gamer to take up the reins of a beautiful giant Phoenix to explore an enchanting papercraft fantasy world. In this thrilling adventuce, you have to travel back and forth between the realms of reality and fantasy to uncover the memories hidden within, and to piece together the tale of the Author’s life.

Update: Penny Black Studios has also stated that it will be launching in EU/NA territories next week, Tues 29th November 2016, with a price tag of $19.99 for NA (Euro Price yet to be set but will be equivalent).