“Sonic Hunter VR” Launching On 25 Nov for Vive

VR music rhythm game “Sonic Hunter VR” will be released on 25 November 2016, as shown on its steam page.

Sonic Hunter features a magical land where musics can be enjoyed by the villagers freely,until a monster appear one day. How these villagers has to do something to protect their right to enjoy the music.

Sonic Hunter is developed for the HTC Vive from Viriver studio. Player are to control the key rhythm on their own, and in this title, 42 piano famous musical classics are included, such as Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon”, Beethoven’s “For Elise “, Robert Schumann’s “Happy Farmer”.

An evaluation system will be conducted after the completion of a piece of music, according to accuracy, missing numbers and others. This will feature a standing play area.

Here’s a gameplay video

Steam Page