“The Assemcly” Now Supports Motion Controllers + Steam Thanksgiving Sales

nDreams‘ “The Assembly” is getting an update which will adds in motion controllers support.

According to the developer, it will be coming to HTC Vive tomorrow at 9am PT / 5pm GMT. Support for Oculus Touch and PSVR Move will be added by the end of the year. (date to be confirmed soon)

The patch will enable some key motion control mechanics, developed based on the feedback from the fans.

nDreams stated that you can use the otion controllers to select and interact with key items in the environment (such as holding onto them and inspect them). All of the gamepad controls has been ported over. Just highlight where you want to move via the trigger, then you can blink to that location. Room-scale has been improved by decoupling your look direction from your forward direction.

On the other side of the pendulum, they said they are not able to add dynamic physics, hence interaction are still digital (eg instead of opening and closing a drawer by motion control,you highlight it and press the button to open it). Throwing items are impossible too, and not all objects can be interacted.

To celebrate the launch of the patch, the game will be included in Steam Thanksgiving Sale at 35% off. There will be new extra free content for new and existing owner of the game, such as official soundtrack, the script, desktop wallpapers and their behind-the-scene video series, which can be downloaded for free on Steam tomorrow.

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