“Smashbox Arena VR” Coming Next Month

Smashbox Arena will be arriving on Steam next month, and this title has been added to the Steam database.

Smashbox Arena is billed as an online action team-based title, that features physics driven power-ups. It also features an offline solo mode with 3 levels of difficulties.

This game will have 6 power-ups, which includes Giant Boulders, Sniperballs and Heat Seeking Missiles. It seems you can combine the power-ups and use them as well.

The title will make use of various VR dodging mechanics. You can duck, block or even use cover in the environment in VR via your body. Apparently key communication with teammates is recommended, and there will be voice chatting in this game. Smashbox Arena will also has a VR God-view that lets you view the actions in real time. You can also earn badgets and new head styles in the game.

Smashbox Arena is created by BigBox VR, and will support HTC Vive. The developer though stated that it will work with Oculus Rift + Touch controller, but the control and on-screen hints are not optimized for the Touch yet. Full support for Rift + Touch will be coming at a later time.

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