Steam New Release: The Torus Syndicate

The Torus Syndicate from Codeate has just been released on Steam as Early Access! This rails-shooter inspired VR title puts the player in the shoes of Lucas Lawson, a new cop who got swept into the underworld of the Torus Syndicate! Fuel for the desire for justice, you will be forced to put your shooting and dodging skills to the test!

This game draws inspiration from classic arcade shooter titles. In Campaign Mode, you will play across a variety of locations as you take down the criminals. Speaking of criminals, they are also able to shoot on the move, use abilities and flank players as well.

This HTC Vive VR title will be getting Co-op mode, Survival mode and new characters on its journey out of Early Access to full fledged title.

The developer suggest a play area of at least 2m x 1.5.

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