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“Overturn VR” Details Revealed

We have covered Overturn VR a couple of times ago, but now we have get to learn more details concerning this game.

Oveturn VR is a game from Studio HG, a one man game development studio that is based in Korea. It is an action/shooter based title filled with gameplay content. In this title, player will get to dual wield swords as well as guns to attack the enemies. Besides fighting the enemies, there will also be puzzles solving and exploration element. For example, in one part of the game, the player has to pick up the dead body of a NPC in order to scan the magnetic ID card on him, against the scanner lock to unlock a door.

Player assumes the role of a female protagonist, who has to escape and find her way out of mazes that are filled with killer robots.

The player will have to utilizes weapons, tools and equipments strategically in order to beat the levels, as well as defeating the boss characters.

It is said that this title is pretty popular, as it has also won several awards in various video game events in Korea.

Overturn is scheduled for HTC Vive release in 2017.

(The guy in red in this photo is the developer)
(Images courtesy of HTC)