Bandai Namco Teases “Summer Lesson” Related Stuffs

Recently, there was a “Tokyo VR Meetup” in Japan, and one of the discussions help was on the topic of “Summer Lesson” a Japanese virtual reality title exclusive for the Playstation VR, where the player gets to spend a week tutoring and bond with a Japanese schoolgirl over Summer. The developers including director Aya Tamaki and Mr Yamamoto (lead programmer) were there to join in with the discussion.

Near the end of the discussion, Mr GOROman (developer of Mikulus) was brought in to discuss with the developers.They talks about how they feel pushing VR content as a product is not suitable, and that they feel VR should be updated reguarly, making it more as a service. Mr Tamaki says he will aim to push and continue to deliver updates to Summer Lesson. Mr GOROman brought up the suggestion of a ‘winter lesson’, to which the developer replied that they have registered the trademark ‘Winter Lesson, Autumn Lesson and Spring Lesson’ too.

They said they will be paying attention to what users are asking for, including more characters and PS4 Pro capatibility. They can’t promise what will be made, but they will do whatever they can.

Mr. Tamaki then put up a new teaser image and hints on new developments.